Sunday, September 11, 2011

a time to remember

let me say we had a swell time.
mom looked hilarious.
here is the Ohio river.
and we went to Kentucky.
we saw some crazy old lady's.
aly was excited when we got there.
and i guess in the car too.
i climb those stairs that led to a street. now that is dumb.

the next morning we went on a hike.
mom spotted a lizard.
aly is a girly girl.
we just had to get a good pic of theo. poor theo he had to stay on his leash.
the hike was finally over and off to go home. and now hes free from us.
that was a time to remember.

and now we use our electronics and hit the road.

p.s. its 3: 30 and i have a birthday party in ten min and i have to shower. im a mess!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Clothes

Today me and mom went to houlihans,
kohls, payless, and bath and bodyworks.
I loved it. The clothes are so adorable.
Now the under shirt is not new. But the
rest is.
Now this is like a wedding dress. It is all
The shoes are the same. This dress I
bought in Utah.
This one is the one I love. It is cute.
On this one on the back of the jeans are
aqua butterflys on them.
These are just PE shoes

That is the whole thing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter and...

a real dog

i have been waiting for this day my intier life. we finlie got a real dog. we finlie fond the one for us.
it all started like this.
first a bad job of coloring eggs and putting stickers on the eggs.

then easter. at night i herd something like a dog. and yes. it is one. everyone jumped for joy. it also chased tobe. he got used to it and asked can i get a picter.
i was excited. he folowed me every where.
and thats the end. it was so fun. we could not wait at all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

can't wait till we go to utah! and colorado!

a family photo
sweet aly. she's now in a booster.
aly's covered with animals. we played with them today
sleep in a swing
a new baby and a sunday mornning.
grandma and aly
tobe and aly
dad's boy
grandma and me
let's str it up
i'm puting the star up
me and spencer
my birthday. i don't know the girl in the whit shirt. the arial is my friend Rachel
let's have a tea party
time for cake? no. now. NO!
vary butifal princesses
micky the mouse
here's your candy
what do you want for chistmas?
hhhooo scary
big face
aw cute
walking in front of everyone
me and Rachel
wow thats a lot of pepole
AAA! Tanner i'm scared of the big harry monster.
i think they are marreied
now bow
falling leavs
she has a big butt
now sit.
thro them up in the air
a vary pritty wedding
all the girls

tobe and rachles sister. me and rachle
hope we get there soon